FREE AP Physics 1 Group Classes!

Limited availability. Sign-ups are required. Must be currently enrolled in AP Physics 1.

Every Saturday @ 4 pm PST (more dates to come). Starting November 19.


Use the form below to enroll in the program. Only 10 spots are available.

Wait 48 hours for an email confirming your spot in the group. Further instructions will be emailed. 

Make a login! Use the same email used in the form below!

Schedule as many group classes using the calendar below (available on 11/21). 5 students per class.

A message from your instructor...

Hey there! This is your instructor Jason. Some of you might already know me. It’s awesome to see you join, and it’s my goal to help you become the best Physics learner possible!

In these group classes, you will connect with other AP Physics 1 students across the U.S and share/work on challenging problems. Pooling our resources together will allow us to learn more material in a shorter time span! ​

All we ask is for you to create and submit your own multiple-choice questions before each lesson. The better your questions, the more chances you have of winning the weekly cash prize!

This is just the first step in group classes. In January, we’ll create even bigger and better groups specifically for acing the AP Physics 1 Exam. I hope to see you soon!​

FREE?? But what's the catch?

These classes are free because of our sponsors, Luba and Dimi from Germany! They work alongside Stanford and other universities to research the best method for learning subjects quickly and efficiently. They are paying for 100% of these lessons (normally priced at $20) and only ask students to write down and answer as many creative Physics questions as possible! The best questions will be picked at the end of the week and rewarded with a $20 Amazon gift card.

What you will learn?

Learn how to score a 5 on the AP Physics Exam!

Advanced problem solving skills

Quick tricks and tips to help you solve problems faster and more efficiently. Proven strategies that has been used over and over to solve 1000’s of problems

Complex Concepts... Made Simple

Struggling with a concept? Does something seem counterintuitive? You’re not alone. 100’s of students have similar questions. Write it down and submit it. I’ll make it so simple that even a 5-year-old could understand!

Practice Questions!

Bring challenging problems and watch me solve them in real-time! I’ll show you how I think through problems and how you can do it too! By the end of every class you should be able to solve all problems we covered.

Enrollment Applications are Closed. Any additional applications will be put on a waitlist for January 2023. We'll reach back out and keep you in the loop!

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The only dates available (currently) are Saturdays @ 4 pm PST. Each class will be a MAX of 5 students, and the spots will go on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please refrain from booking more than 2 classes in a 48-hour period to allow other students to get a spot. Thank you!

Dimitri and Lubja

Our Sponsors

Our mission is to use proven scientific methods to make the learning process easier and more effective so that the students are able to learn exactly what they need faster, remember it better, and also have some fun in the process. 

Our names are Dimi (Dimitar) and Ljuba (Ljubomira). Dimi is an orthopedic surgeon and Ljuba is a journalist and TV producer. We have been developing Knowlaxy for a while on the side, hoping to improve education, so that future students have it easier than we did :)

You can create a free account and submit your interesting Physics questions on Knowlaxy. You practice Physics MC choice questions as well!


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