30 Day Journey to DEFI Millionaire!

CRYPTO/INVESTMENT/MONEY MAKING ENTHUSIASTS, listen up! The world of crypto is vast and complicated, but filled with opportunity. There are people literally making millions from two grand, and I’m here to tell you that you can be one of them. These guides are free! You literally have nothing to loose from reading them. At the very least, you will walk away with a sh*t ton of crypto knowldege to impress your friends and family. So grab a cup of coffe, a notebook, and allow me to blow your minds!

Why is crypto important?

Almost all pillars of the traditional financial system has counterpart crypto versions. We call this new wave of finance, “DEFI” or decentralized finance. Want a loan? Skip the bank and use AAVE, a DEFI platform on which anyone can take a loan of any amount in a single click. 

All of DEFI is run on web based application (websites), and all digital currencies are stored on digital wallets. Unlimited money can be moved securely, anonymously, and transparently. The catch is that you are entirely responsible for your money and loss thereof. If you nervous about DEFI there is CEFI, or centralized finance. CEFI platforms like Coinbase exist to help safeguard your digital assets. This is the new wave of finance. 

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Let's begin with fundamentals

Blockchains are digital ledgers. A ledger is a book you use to record transactions. Ledgers can prove that transaction happened. If anyone, however, were to hack the ledger they could maliciously manipulate the transactions. 

A bank’s fundamental role is to maintain a ledger of transactions. Banks, however, are a central point of failure. What if their systems go offline or become compromised? This makes the traditional ledger systems unreliable and untrustworthy.

A secure, transparent, digital currency needs to replace banks. Imagine if individuals could move their money 1000 time faster and cheaper than banks. This is the fundamental basis of cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology it utilizes.

Navigating Web 3.0

Now that we know about a few popular blockchains, how can we start using the DEFI applications built on them? 

Imagine some of our day-to-day activities like buying groceries. To make a purchase, we need a bank account. Similarly, in Web 3.0, digital wallets are needed to hold digital currencies. For example, MetaMask is a popular Ethereum based digital wallet. Let’s get set up!

Money Printing dAPPs

There are 1000’s of DAPPS, each offering unique, money making, value propositions. This makes it nearly impossible to cover them all but there are a few golden eggs worth learning about.

We have created mind map to help you get started. The map will show you the types of DAPPS, such as exchanges, lending and borrowing, leveraging, futures trading, digital marketplaces, CDPs, and more.

CEFI: More security, less control

Centralized finance (CEFI) apps are “custodial” platforms, as they take care of their customer’s money and security. Unlike DEFI, CEFI requires users to verify their identities.

There are three main finance tools in CEFI: trading,  staking, and lending. 

In CEFI, crypto can be traded in two ways: Spot trading involves buying crypto at market price and Perpetual trading involves using up to 100x leverage. CEFI platforms offer crypto staking for a high APR and some even compound it for higher APY. Let’s dive into the best CEFI platforms<span “> and how to use them. 

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