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Learn Physics in Just 3 Weeks Challenge!

Learn Physics from scratch with a top tier Physics instructor. For motivated students who want to challenge themselves and get ahead.

Jason Kuma | Physics Instructor | Founder | USC 🎓

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faster than any other program using frameworks to make concepts and problem solving a breeze!

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higher than any of your classmates. Learning ahead of time will give you a guaranteed confidence boost.

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students that have enrolled and confidently learned and mastered Physics over the last 2 years.

Premium Instruction.

Designed to help teach students Rapidly  Easily  Confidently Intellectually Strategically

For Who?

All high school students who want to ACE Physics and have fun!

No requirements. No commitments. Just show up to learn and succeed!

By Who?

Elite Physics instructor, Jason Kuma with 1000+ tutoring hours

Learn easily via analogy. Apply quickly via proven, problem solving frameworks.


3 weeks, four 90-min classes per week. Outstanding results.

See available cohort (group) dates below. Limited spots available per group.

We are looking for motivated students who are willing to learn and succeed!

What my students say.

75+ five star ratings in the last 12 months.

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Do you fit into any of these scenarios?

This is your one stop to learn it all.

Will be taking Physics, Honor Physics, or AP Physics soon.

Want to get ahead of your class by learning Physics ahead of time.

Need more resources and guidance to learn quicker.

Motivated to get a good grade on your Physics tests.

Want to become smarter & take your knowledge to the next level.

Want to learn how to think like the greatest minds on the planet.

Build better logical thinking skills.

Take your thinking to the next level. The greatest thinkers on Earth have all studied Physics. 

Become smarter and score higher.

Accelerate your learning. Get ahead and stay ahead of your classmates. 

Understand more. Understand easily.

Impress people with your knowledge of Physics. You will learn mind-blowing concepts. 

Yes, I want to get ahead and stay ahead!

Excel in Physics like no other student.

Unlike any other program...guaranteed

Upcoming Dates for Summer of 2023

3 weeks. 4 days a week. Monday through Thursday. Click on each cohort to see dates.

Dates: TBA

Group A: 9 – 10:30 am
Group B: 1:30 – 3:00 pm

Dates: TBA

Group A: 9 – 10:30 am
Group B: 1:30 – 3:00 pm

Dates: TBA

Group A: 9 – 10:30 am
Group B: 1:30 – 3:00 pm

Be the first to know about upcoming dates.

Program Curriculum.

12 Rapid steps to success.



Day 1

Directions, magnitudes, scalars. Setting up the fundamentals for success in Physics. Directions, magnitudes, scalars. Setting up the fundamentals for success in Physics.



Days 1 to 3

The motion of objects in one and two dimensions. Learn how objects move and how we can make some interesting calculations based on five fundamental equations.



Days 4 to 8

Discover why and how motion occurs. Why do things move the way they do. Unlocking all the universe's secrets that only a handful know.



Days 9 to 12

All matter is made up of energy. It can't be created or destroyed — only transformed.


Rotational Motion

Day 4

Centripetal forces cause objects to rotate, such as a satellite around a planet. Using a familiar equation we can determine angular displacement, velocity, and acceleration.



Day 9

Have you ever wondered what a car's torque value actually means? This section will cover interesting application's of rotational forces.



Days 9 to 12

You might have heard of momentum before. But it's slightly more interesting in the context of Physics.


Summing it up

Physics is split into concepts and problem-solving. We will cover tons of interesting concepts. For example, what hits the ground first, a bowling ball or feather?

You might be surprised to hear that both hit the ground at the same time 🤯 ! We will, of course, explore this in the program.

Lastly, we will turn concepts into useful numbers and equations. You will feel 10 times smarter, being able to solve real-world problems.

Knowledge that's Empowering

Understand real-world phenomena. Impress those around you. Reason from logic. Stress less on your tests. Score much higher.

Physics Conqueror

These 3 weeks will get you ahead of all your classmates. Walk into your physics class with A+ confidence, and let the results speak for itself.

Become an Elite Thinker

Learn how to solve problems on a first principles basis, utilized by brilliant people, such as Albert Einstein, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos!

Meet your instructor.

Jason Kuma.

Hey there! My name is Jason, and I help students EXCEL in Physics quickly.

Physics is hard, I get it! But what if I told you it doesn't have to be?

It's my job to help you (1) quickly understand topics in the simplest way possible (2) help improve/achieve higher Physics test scores, and (3) show you how fun Physics can really be!

I’ve taught over 400 students, 1-to-1, over the last 7 years (Physics B.S, Business B.A from USC). I know exactly what students find difficult and how to properly explain concepts. My method is simple, effective, and has been proven time and time again by my students’ results. Take a look for yourself below:

Here are some quick stats for those interested...

90% of my students score a 90% or higher in their Physics class. Their scores fall within the top 5 percentile of their school.

37 out of 48 students who took AP Physics 1 Exam Prep with me scored a 5! This exam has the lowest 5 rates of any exam, yet more than 75% of my students scored a perfect 5!

On average, students score one letter grade higher or more on their tests after only 4 lessons with me!

My teaching and learning methodology is simple: learn by example and master through practice. We will work on complex questions and break them down to find a solution.

Unlike other instructors and tutors, I

With this program,

✓   You will succeed because you will be ONE STEP AHEAD. 
✓   You will be confident in your problem-solving ability, while your friends might struggle with basic concepts. 
✓   You will perform better on grades, homework, and tests without having to study as hard as your classmates.

If you’re a motivated learner and want to EXCEL in Physics, this is for you. But don’t just take my word for it. Join now and see the results for yourself!


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