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Students, supercharge your learning with materials made by PROs

We have over 10,000 hours of Physics coaching under our belt. This has help us to create the web’s best resources for AP, Honors, and new Physics students.

Accelerated success

Parents, empower your kids with the tools they deserve

Through years of expertise, we transform challenging Physics concepts into easy-to-understand modules, promoting quicker and more efficient learning.

Watch as your child conquers difficult topics with ease and enthusiasm, growing their passion and comprehension.

Together, let’s spark curiosity, build confidence, and unlock potential. 

More tools

Even more tools to help you become a master of Physics

We want to give you the best shot for conquering Physics. Whether you are enthusiast, a high achiever, or explorer, we got something for you.

Simplifying even the most complex of topics

High quality physics resources are essential to your making your learning journey smooth, fast, and easy. Now it’s 100% free. 

Learn at your own pace.

Written materials, videos, practice questions, dedicated support, and much more crafted from years of teaching experience. Every detail fine tuned to to make learning as smooth as possible. 

Learn with a professional Physics coach.

Private or group lessons. 6 days a week. Endless support. Unlock your full potential with a professional Physics coach with 1000’s of hours of experience. 

Your personal Physics assistant.

Coming fall 2023. Professor Phy will be a seamlessly integrated voice chat assistant. Think of it like Siri. But for physics. He can answer your questions, remember what you struggle with, and guide you through physics. It will be a personalized learning experience like never before.

Nerd Notes

Professor Phy

"Hey Phy, Teach me forces in 30 minutes" Teach me all of AP Physics 1" Make a study plan for waves" Help me study for my energy test" Visually show terminal velocity" Help me get a 5 on my AP Exam"

Tap into the Physics community.

The best Physics discussion forums. Ask questions, create groups, share resources. All in one place. Coming Fall 2023. 

Accelerate your learning journey with Nerd-Notes.

We want to give you the best shot for conquering Physics. Whether you are enthusiast, a high achiever, or explorer, we got something for you.

Nerd Notes

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