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5 Weeks for a 5 on the AP Physics Exam!

Preparing for the hardest AP Exam has never been easier. Learn problem solving tricks, access tons of resources, and join an elite group of students who have scored 5’s. Supercharge your learning with an elite instructor. 


Until the AP Physics 1 Exam

By Jason Kuma | Instructor | Founder | USC 🎓


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Premium Instruction.

Designed to help teach students Rapidly  Easily  Strategically

For Who?

AP Physics 1 Students. Anyone taking the AP Physics 1 Exam

Must already be familiar with all Physics 1 curriculum. View topics below.

By Who?

Elite Physics instructor, Jason Kuma with 1000+ private lesson hours

Learn easily via analogy. Apply quickly via proven, problem solving frameworks.


8 weeks max, 24 sessions. Flexible times. Choose your lesson dates.

Book all 24 lessons at once! Calendar will be visible after purchasing program.

**Only for motivated students who are willing to learn and succeed!

What my students say.

75+ five star ratings in the last 12 months.

Join the program.

1-to-1 Lessons. Limited Availability.



Lesson Dates

Feb 1 - May 12, 2023

Registration Deadline

April 10, 2023

Do you fit into any of these scenarios?

Then this might be for you.

You understand the concepts, but need help solving problems

You know how to solve problems but don't have enough time on the test to solve them.

You are having trouble with Free Response questions

You find Physics problems confusing. You don't know how to start solving a question.

This program is NOT for students who

This program is IS for students who

Build better logical thinking skills.

Learn to solve problems... the easy way.

Become smarter and score higher.

Accelerate your learning with elite instructions.

Understand more. Understand easily.

Acing the AP Physics 1 Exam has never been easier. It will just make sense!

Yes, I want to ace my AP Physics 1 Exam!

Excel in Physics like no other student.

Program details - STEP BY STEP

Step 1 is to have a plan

Every student is different, and therefore everyone will have a unique plan. During our first lesson we will discuss your strengths and weaknesses and plan out the steps you will take to get a 5. This will be shared on a google doc. 

Scheduling will be a breeze.

After our first lesson, parents and students will take 15 minutes to plan out recurring dates on which to meet. All 24 lessons will be booked in one go. Please have in mind some times that will work for you. 

Mock exams will make your actual test a LOT easier.

Mock exams will be created by Jason. Many of the questions are based on the ACTUAL AP Exam in prior years. Mock exams WILL be timed and graded. The final lesson will consist of 2 FULL length AP Exams (3 hours each) that must be taken on the students own time.

Test corrections make learning faster

Understanding  your mistakes is the quickest way to master physics. ALL questions that are answered incorrectly on mock exams NEED to be corrected on a sheet of paper. This includes the right answer, the working, and a logical explanation of how you solved it.  

24 lessons isn't enough!

I will assign extra problem sets that you can solve in your free time. The science is simple: the more problems you solve, the higher you will score on the exam. Aim to work on a minimum of 15 problems per day for the next 8 weeks. 

Doing well will be WORTH it!

Don’t think of this as a chore. This is an opportunity to get smarter and stand out. Getting a 5 on your exam will put you in the top 3 percent of the population. It will open doors for you and give you a leg up on college applications! The sooner you start, the better!

Unlike any other program...guaranteed

Program Curriculum.

15 Rapid steps to success.


Exam Overview

Lesson 1

What makes the AP Physics Exam so difficult? Tips on how to score a 5 and common traps to look out for. Problem solving techniques and preparing for time crunch. NO Memorization, and NO notes. I will train you to use PURE logic. We will create your personal plan on how to best study.



Lesson 1

Review scalars, vectors, and relative motion. Learn a quick method of resolving vectors into components. 20 practice questions. ~ 10% of the AP Exam.


Linear and Rotational Kinematics

Lesson 1

Review all types of kinematics covered on the exam. See the fastest way to solve ANY projectile problem. 50 practice questions. ~15% of the AP Exam.


Linear, Circular, and Rotational Forces

Lessons 2, 3, 4

Review all types of linear forces. Learn the fastest framework for solving ANY force probelms. This is the largest chapter, around ~ 60% of the AP Exam. Extensive problem solving technique and questions will be covered. 100 questions


Linear and Rotational Energy

Lesson 5

Review energy and learn the best framework that can be used to solve ALL energy problems. 30 Questions. ~ 15% of the AP Exam


Linear and Rotational Momentum

Lesson 6

Centripetal forces cause objects to rotate, such as a satellite around a planet. Using a familiar equation we can determine angular displacement, velocity, and acceleration.


Multiple Choice FLASH Review

Lesson 7, 8, 9

100 Randomly assorted problems (AP style) across all topics. Extremely difficult questions to challenge your thinking ability. Must get at least 80% correct. All wrong questions answered incorrectly will be redone on student's own time.


Multiple Choice TIMED Review

Lessons 10, 11, 12

50 AP STYLE Questions. Each questions MUST be answered in 2 minutes or less. 75% must be answered correctly. We will go over strategies to increase speed and reduce anxiety while problem solving.


MOCK AP Exam 1 (Multiple choice only)

Lessons 13, 14

Mock Exam #1. 50 questions, 90 minutes. This will be a 2 hour lesson. Must get at least a 75%. All incorrect questions will be corrected with proper explanations.


FRQ Overview and Practice

Lessons 15, 16

10 practice FRQ's. 10 minutes for each FRQ. Will be graded and scoring will be broken down to show students how points are assigned. Must score at least an 80 percent on each FRQ.


Mock Exam #2

Lesson 17

20 Multiple choice (30 minutes). 2 FRQs (30 minutes). 75% passing minimum. Test corrections required.


Mock Exam #3

Lesson 18

20 Multiple choice (30 minutes). 2 FRQs (30 minutes). 75% passing minimum. Test corrections required.


Mock Exam #4

Lesson 19

20 Multiple choice (30 minutes). 2 FRQs (30 minutes). 75% passing minimum. Test corrections required.


Performance Evaluation

Lesson 19

Check in on your progress. See how you're feeling about concepts, problem solving, and speed. Cover any topics of difficulty and assign extra resources and problems to help tackle weaknesses.


More Mock Exams

Lesson 20-24

Take as many more mock exams as needed. Focus on multiple choice, FRQ, or both, to eliminate any areas of uncertainty.

Knowledge that's Empowering

Don't memorize. Learn to reason from logic. Test taking will be much less stressful so you can score much higher.

Physics Conqueror

These 8 weeks will get you ahead of 90% of the nation. Tackle Physics with A+ confidence, and let the results speak for itself.

Become an Elite Thinker

Never struggle to solve a Physics problem again. You will learn ELITE frameworks that will make problem solving way to each.

Meet your instructor.

Jason Kuma.

Hey there! My name is Jason, and I help students EXCEL in Physics quickly.

Physics is hard, I get it! But what if I told you it doesn't have to be?

It's my job to help you (1) quickly understand topics in the simplest way possible (2) help improve/achieve higher Physics test scores, and (3) show you how fun Physics can really be!

I’ve taught over 400 students, 1-to-1, over the last 7 years (Physics B.S, Business B.A from USC). I know exactly what students find difficult and how to properly explain concepts. My method is simple, effective, and has been proven time and time again by my students’ results. Take a look for yourself below:

Here are some quick stats for those interested...

90% of my students score a 90% or higher in their Physics class. Their scores fall within the top 5 percentile of their school.

37 out of 48 students who took AP Physics 1 Exam Prep with me scored a 5! This exam has the lowest 5 rates of any exam, yet more than 75% of my students scored a perfect 5!

On average, students score one letter grade higher or more on their tests after only 4 lessons with me!

My teaching and learning methodology is simple: learn by example and master through practice. We will work on complex questions and break them down to find a solution.

Unlike other instructors and tutors, I

If you’re a motivated learner and want to score exceptionally high on your AP Physics EXAM, then this is for you. But don’t just take my word for it. Join now and see the results for yourself!



Next 1-to-1 Session

24 Lessons, Priority Booking

Registration Deadline

May 1, 2023

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