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Booking Guidelines

We aim for every student's success in Physics. The following rules ensure fair lesson booking for all.

Reschedule or cancel

Cancel or reschedule lessons for free up to 8 hours before.  Just click ‘see details’ by each appointment on your calendar or student dashboard. Timely changes open slots for you or others. The lesson hour will be automatically returned to your balance.

Book in advance

Booking slots fill up fast because of high demand. If a date shows no available times, it’s fully booked. Students can schedule lessons up to 6 weeks ahead.

Make-up lessons

If a student misses a lesson without canceling at least 8 hours in advance, that lesson can’t be rescheduled. With limited booking slots, it’s crucial to attend all planned lessons.

Weekly bookings

We recommend students book 1 to 3 lessons weekly until they achieve their goals. Consistent bookings often lead to faster and more effective learning.

No remaining lesson hours

Please choose the number of hours you would like to add. 

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You can send a direct message or file to your tutor. All responses will be sent to your email within 90 minutes. 

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