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Frequently Asked


Follow the simple 4 step process below to register as an affiliate and start earning!

Choose any of the following payment methods: Venmo, Cash App, Bitcoin, or PayPal. To request a withdrawal you must have a total balance of > $100. 

Requesting a withdrawal:

  1. On your affiliate dashboard, fill out the payment withdrawal form. This takes < 1 minute.
  2. Wait 2-3 days to receive your payment. 
  3. A receipt of the payout will be sent to your email

As long as your affiliate code is shared and used, you will earn income. Money is earned every time your unique affiliate code is used at check out. 

Absolutely! Share your code across the internet. The more it gets used the more money you will accumulate. 

For example, if you tweet your code, and 20 people use it, you could make up to $2000. Your code never expires, which means that future students can continue using your code.

After a customer checks out, it can take anywhere between 3-5 business days for the transaction to clear. At this point your commission balance for that order will be reflected in your account. 

Please sign up below and check back within 48 hours, on this page, for your referral code.

Depending on the total purchase value, referal commission will vary from $5 to $101. Please refer to the commission tiers below. 

  • purchase > $50, commission | $5
  • purchase > $100, commission | $10
  • purchase > $200, commission | $25
  • purchase > $400, commission |$35
  • purchase > $500, commission | $45
  • purchase > $650, commission | $101

The affiliate code is basically a coupon. It gives customers 25% off their FIRST purchase made on nerd-notes. The larger their first purchase the more commission you will receive. They MUST apply your code at checkout for you to receive affiliate credit. 

Affiliates can be removed from the program if there fraudulent activity is reported or detected. Income can also be withheld depending on the details of the report. 

In order for you to receive affiliate revenue, customers MUST put in the affiliate code you gave them. This can be done in their cart or at check out. Nerd-Notes guarantees that all affiliates are paid EVERY time their code is used.  

Affiliate coupon codes, give customers 25% off their first order AND credits you with commission for their order. 

Please do NOT use your own affiliate code to make a purchase. This could result in removal from the affiliate program. 

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