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For all levels of Physics. This is for those who want extra help in Physics. Bring homework problems, test questions, and anything else you want to work on. This is also great for finals and midterm reviews.


Trial lessons are free! Only 1 trial lesson per student. Book here.

All hours are discounted from $69 to $29. The lowest rate across all 3 sites I teach on!



  1. As many 60-minute 1-to-1 lessons you buy
  2. On-demand booking + free cancelations
  3. Digital copy of all notes/problems solved during the lesson time
  4. Access to all Nerd-Notes+ Materials (1000+ practice questions, tests, and resources) [Note that digital files are not included].
  5. Assigned homework, if requested.

13 reviews for Elite Tutoring for Physics

  1. Ekaterina (verified owner)

    Jason is really helpful in going over problems in a thorough way. I struggle with remembering basic ideas and his explanations reinforce those ideas coherently and clearly. He’s really good at working through concepts in steps which is really helpful when it comes to trying to understand harder topics.

  2. Erol (verified owner)

    Jason is super helpful he makes physics more enjoyable and easy to understand. I definitely recommend learning with him because he’s quick and efficient.

  3. Kuljinder (verified owner)

    He makes the material easier for me to understand.

  4. Owen (verified owner)

    Amazing tutor. Super friendly and I really enjoyed learning from him. Is great for helping understand forces, and energy as well!

  5. Angela (verified owner)

    He’s super nice and really patient with you! He’s also very understanding and makes sure you completely understands the material ūüėÄ

  6. Sergey (verified owner)

    Great teacher knows what he is talking about.

  7. Mor-Li (verified owner)


  8. Ling (verified owner)

    Jason is really a great teacher, he is quick in thinking and fluent in expression. He taught me a lot in the trial lesson. I am very happy find him.

  9. Chuck (verified owner)

    Jason is so great to work with. He knows so much about physics and explains it in a very understandable way. He’s also great at taking time to show you how to figure out all the math problems. Highly recommend working with him!

  10. Joy (verified owner)

    Jason is very helpful on my AP physic1 preparation and have clear presentation of topics! He is very patient and detailed in his explanations

  11. Mark (verified owner)

    I was lost during physics class and doing homework was a chore. Since finding Jason, things have gotten a lot better for me. His communication during tutoring and offline shows that he really cares. Our first class, I told him I needed stuff done quickly. So he went fast. The next time the opposite. He saw that I was struggling understanding core concepts and went as slow as needed to make sure I got it. A top notch teacher. Physics is an extremely challenging topic but Jason makes it easy and dare I say somewhat fun. Physics to Jason is his life, and he will do everything he can to teach you what he knows.

  12. Rita (verified owner)

    Very helpful and well prepared. Was able to figure out all my homework and quiz problems

  13. Rovneesh (verified owner)

    Jason was super helpful and kind. He walked me through everything step by step through SAT and Physics questions and had very detailed explanations!

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Elite Tutoring for Physics

(13 customer reviews)

From $59.00


Yes! Improving your understanding of Physics and getting better scores is the main goal. Students generally start seeing the results after 4-5 classes. We set the bar high and work towards scoring 90% or more on all tests and quizzes. 

Unlike other tutors, I use an iPad to seamlessly share my handwritten notes in real time! This makes the learning process 10 times easier for students! I only teach what is necessary and try to make the learning experience as fun as possible. Furthermore, I have worked with college professors to create advanced physics materials that is included in all programs! These are proven materials and teaching strategies, as 90% of my students score above 90% on standardized tests. 

All lessons are online via zoom. 

For group classes: No. We record all lessons which will be sent out if you miss a lesson. 
For 1-to-1 classes: No. You can cancel or reschedule your lesson booking at any time!

For group and 1-to-1 lessons: problem sets are provided. It’s optional, but we encourage students to do them.

We used condensed study guides, put together by college graduates. Then we practice with plenty of example problems to strengthen the understanding of concepts. Everything is fun and simplified for students of all learning backgrounds!

For 1-to-1 tutoring: buy an 8 or 16-hour lesson package for a discount of 15% or more.

For all programs: Yes! If you need more lessons hours for whatever the reason, you can always purchase more lesson hours here. All extra hours are purchased as 1-to-1 tutoring lessons. 

We guarantee that all our students have the best learning experience. We give full refunds, no questions asked, if you are not happy with the program. 

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