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Preview Unit 1 Kinematics

Unit 1.1 | Understanding vectors and the standard units used in Physics

Build a robust understanding of vectors in the simplest way possible

Unit 1.2 | Variables in Kinematics: Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration

Understand the basics of Kinematics (the study of motion).

Unit 1.3 | Kinematic graphs made simple

Learn how to turn scenarios into motion graphs.

BONUS! Preview Unit 2 Forces

Unit 2.1 | Understanding and Applying Newton’s Law in Depth

The article delves into the intricacies of Newton’s three laws of motion, illustrating how they are applied to everyday phenomena

Unit 2.2 | Common Linear Forces in Physics

The article explains linear forces in physics, covering the basics of force, the significance of understanding forces, common linear forces

Unit 2.3 | Drawing FBD (Force Diagrams) Quickly and Accurately

The article guides readers on how to draw Force Body Diagrams (FBDs), essential tools in solving physics problems. It offers

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AP Physics Speed Review | Questions  Practice  Master

Linear Kinematics Speed Review

1 and 2 dimensional kinematics. Learn the chart method to solve the hardest projectile problems.

Linear Forces Speed Review

Tension, friction, and normal forces. Solve any problem (pulley, incline, etc) using ONLY Newton’s second law.

Circular Motion Speed Review

Centripetal acceleration and forces. Use the force’s framework to solve problems easily. Banked curves…

Ultimate AP Exam Prep Guides | Tips  Tricks Study Hacks Resources

Unlocking the 5 Secrets to Scoring a 5 on the AP Physics 1 Exam

Get the highest AP Physics 1 score. Skip Barrons and Princeton Review. Here’s everything you need to know.

Why Doing Well on the AP Physics 1 Exam is a Smart Investment

Maximize your future: The benefits of excelling on the AP Physics 1 exam explained

How to Crush the AP Physics 1 FRQs: Detailed Strategies and Examples

Ace the AP Physics 1 FRQs with our step-by-step guide! Learn proven strategies and solve examples to boost your exam score.

Unlocking Success | The Power of Quality Physics Resources

After 4000 hours of one-on-one teaching with over 500 students, a key insight surfaced. Your grade correlates directly with the amount of problem-solving you undertake. This fact is also supported by Stanford scientists.

Successfully acing your test depends on tackling numerous problems. However, not just any problem will suffice. Problems need to be stimulating, thereby challenging your understanding of core concepts, like those on the AP Physics 1 exam.

Locating such resources and problems can be difficult…

That’s where nerd-notes comes in. We’ve curated high-quality physics materials – challenging, engaging, and absolutely free. And we’re constantly adding to our collection.

Having the right resources is non-negotiable. To fast-track learning, we suggest pairing these resources with an instructor for step-by-step guidance. This approach has proven transformative for our students.

The combination of quality resources and a top-tier instructor is immensely effective. We mandate a minimum of 120 questions per chapter for our students at nerd-notes. The results have been remarkable.

On average, a nerd-notes student achieves between 93-97% in class tests. Roughly three quarters of our students score a 5 on the AP exam, far exceeding the national average. Students who’ve started with us early have shared how understanding Physics truly made it enjoyable.

Thousands of resources, guides, and articles await you here on this page. All carefully curated to accelerate your learning. We are committed to providing a world-class Physics education.

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