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AP Physics 1 Units at a Glance

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Unit 1 - Vectors and Kinematics

Unit 1.1 | Understanding vectors and the standard units used in Physics

Unit 1.2 | Variables in Kinematics: Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration

Unit 1.3 | Kinematic graphs made simple

Unit 1.4 | Applying Kinematic Equations in 1 Dimension Easily

Unit 1.5 | Solving Projectile Motion (Motion in 2 Dimensions)

Unit 2 - Forces

Unit 2.1 | Understanding and Applying Newton’s Law in Depth

Illustration of Sir Isaac Newton sitting under a tree, observing an apple falling, with arrows indicating forces and labeled equations nearby

Unit 2.2 | Common Linear Forces in Physics

Vector graphic of a car in motion with force arrows showing direction and magnitude, accompanied by equations representing Newton's three laws

Unit 2.3 | Drawing FBD (Force Diagrams) Quickly and Accurately

Photo of a hand pushing a wooden block on a table, with mathematical equations representing linear force dynamics appearing around the block

Unit 2.4 | Easily Solve Any Linear Force Problems and Deriving Equation

Illustration of a person standing inside an elevator with a weighing scale beneath their feet, showcasing the difference between real weight and apparent weight.

Unit 2.5 | Advanced Problem Solving – Tension and Elevators

Illustration of a slope with a ball rolling down, annotated with force vectors, friction coefficients, and linear force equations (1)

Unit 2.6 | Advanced Problem Solving – Objects on Incline Planes

Photo of a basic Atwood machine setup in a classroom environment, with two equal weights suspended by a rope over a pulley

Unit 2.7 | Problem Solving – Simple Pulley Systems

BONUS! Unit 3 - Circular Motion and Gravitation

circular motion, roller coaster example depiction

Unit 3.1 | Understanding Circular Motion and Centripetal Forces

car drifiting around circular track; circular motion; solving circular motion problems

Unit 3.2 | Solving Circular Motion Problems using FBDs

Unit 3.3 | The Gravitational Force

Circular Motion and Gravitation

Unit 3.4 | Combining circular motion and gravitation (satellites, orbits, & more)

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Linear Forces Speed Review

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Energy, Work, and Power Speed Review

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2025 Updated AP Physics 1 Course Curriculum – Everything you need to know

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Physics Questions To Score a 5 on the AP Physics 1 Exam

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