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Physics Questions To Score a 5 on the AP Physics 1 Exam

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We proved that practicing 100 questions per chapter is all you need to ace your next Physics exam. And to help you out we built UBQ.

Physics Questions for the Win

What’s the best way to prepare for a Physics exam?

It turns out that the quickest path to mastery is solving as many challenging questions as possible.

Although this is back by scientific research, we wanted to put it to the test. So our tutor’s here at ditched the boing notes and instead taught using only 100 questions per unit.

The results were remarkable. On average, students that completed 85 to 100 challenging problems before their test would outperform all their peers by a remarkable 77%1. They were also able to learn the material twice as fast 🤯.

The Nerd-Notes Way

Our tutoring approach at has always been about immersing students in challenging practice questions.

The feedback and results has been overwhelmingly positive. This has inspired us to extend our help beyond private 1-to-1 coaching.

How? Well we compiled over 1000+ top-notch Physics questions that are proven to boost your exam performance.2 We call this UBQ, short of Ultimate Bank of Physics Questions.

But don’t take our word for it. You can start using it right here, right now, for free.

Ultimate Bank of Physics Questions (UBQ)

UBQ is a free 1000+ physics question bank with answers generated by AI and verified by humans! Think of it as a Quizlet, or Chegg on steroids, but only for Physics questions designed to boost your performance.

We believe this is the next step in learning technology. And it is‘s commitment to continuously improve all aspects of this experience overtime.

Supercharge Your Learning with Phy

As you start exploring UBQ, you’ll likely run into Professor Phy.

Prof Phy, or Phy, is our cutting-edge AI, trained with 5000 hours of Physics problem-solving expertise. Yes it out preforms ChatGPT in accuracy.

Phy has many capabilities. To put it briefly it can:

  1. Help you solve problems
  2. Grade your working – just snap a photo (yes, it can read handwriting)
  3. Explain complex concepts in a single sentence.

If you are using Phy on UBQ, just ask it for “help.”

Think of it as your private Physics coach for solving problems. We think you’ll find this extremely useful.

Advanced UBQ Filters

UBQ’s filter system is a game-changer, designed to help you find the right questions fast.

You can rapidly sift through questions by:

  • Units: 7 AP Physics Units. Will be adding more units in the future
  • Difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Questions Types: MCQ, FRQ, or GQ (General Question)
  • Solve Type: Mathematical, Conceptual, Proportional Analysis
  • Number of Concepts: Single Concept or Concept Pairing

Mark it…

Once you are confident you know how to solve a question, you can mark it as complete.

This will this tell Phy what questions you’re adept at solving.

It also remind you which questions you’ve already completed as shown in the image below.

Having trouble with a question? Bookmark it and come back to it later.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that if you solve at least 100 questions per chapter, you’re on track for an A+ in that unit.

Tackle 600 questions in total (85 per unit) before the AP Physics Exam, and you’re set for a top score of 5.

That’s our straightforward promise, supported by thousands of hours of Physics coaching. Now that you know the secret to scoring high, start using UBQ today for free. Happy solving!

  1. To calculate this percentage, we took our students test scores and compared them to the average class score as reported by teachers. ↩︎
  2. We only use questions similar to what would show up on typical exams. We know what questions most often come up on tests because we have helped over 1000 students with their exams, and have compared test data access 300 different high school Physics classes ↩︎
Picture of Jason Kuma
Jason Kuma

Writer | Coach | Builder | Fremont, CA


Units in AP Physics 1

Unit 1 – Linear Kinematics

Unit 2 – Linear Forces

Unit 3 – Circular Motion

Unit 4 – Energy 

Unit 5 – Momentum 

Unit 6 – Torque 

Unit 7 – Oscillations 

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