Hello, my name is

Jason Kuma.

Current goal: to help as many students succeed in physics as quickly and effectively as possible.

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# of my students that scored a 5 on the AP Exam*

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* AP Physics 1 students enrolled in the 5 Weeks for a 5 AP Physics Program. Of the 118 students who reported their scores, more than 75% of students scored a 5, while 10% scored a 4 or less.

Why Physics?

Physics is the most powerful tool out there.

It stretches our brains to think in more than a single line of reasoning.

It redirects us to focus on fundamental truths and problems of the universe.

It unlocks our understanding of our world at large. 

It challenges our learning process and ultimately allows us to learn anything rapidly. 

It is used in every industry in some way, shape, or form. 

With Physics, we discover that we are capable of understanding more than we think. We learn to learn faster and discover that applying the knowledge is the fastest route to success. 

If you can understand Physics, you are ready to solve much tougher problems.

Physics has allowed me to become an elastic thinker. One that often thinks outside the box to solve complex problems in creative ways. I've built three different companies in three different industries to solve three very different problems. What's one thing common to learning Physics and building successful ideas? Your success is determined by (1) persistence and (2) the ability to identify and solve fundamental problems in the least wrong way possible.

Other Services

Below you will find advanced mentorship programs that will help you build successful businesses and a robust lifestyle. I’ve put over five years of research and work behind each of my services.

Building Brands

Learn exactly what you need to go from idea to successful business. For tech startups, e-learning, or online product brands. Insight into product design, web development, marketing, sales, business structure, taxes, and more.

Amazon FBA

Learn how you can take a product, launch it on Amazon, and start earning passive income in 30 days. See the mechanics of my Amazon products. Understand how Amazon works and the 5 ways to make money on it.

Growth Mindset

Learn to think like a level 10 entrepreneur. Understand the secret habits of successful people.   Built routines to empower yourself. Quit procrastination. Master the six mental frameworks of highly accomplished people.  

The long term mission

To do what colleges couldn’t. To provide elite and free education that has a ridiculous ROI. 

Nerd-Notes will expand beyond Physics, and is aims on becoming a leading, top-tier, educational platform, targeting three areas of education:

Topics that challenge your understanding of the world

Topics that will grow your purse

Topics that will enhance your mindset

More about Me

I was born and raised in Fremont, California 

I went to to University of Southern California (USC) in LA. Physics B.S. Business B.A.

I love ideas and pursuing opportunity. 

I spend too much time on reddit and twitter. 

I often read about Philosophy and Psychology.

I enjoy hiking beautiful landscapes, such as those in Yosemite and Grand Canyons.

I am an avid learner and aim to learn five new things every day.

I believe persistence is the key to success.

I surround myself with those who align with my interests, of science and business. 

I seek discomfort to avoid stagnation.

I am intrigued by AI and its far reaching capabilities.

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