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Important information about remaining lesson hours

Booking Guidelines

We want to help all our students succeed in Physics. The rules below are to give equal opportunity to all students looking to book a lesson.

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All lessons canceled or rescheduled 8 hours before the start of that lesson will NOT be charged. You can cancel your lesson via the link sent to your email or from your profile page (click your profile picture on the top right corner). Canceling your lesson on time ensures another student (or you) can get the same time slot. 

Due to a large number of students, the booking slots get filled quickly. If no times are showing for a particular date, then that day has been fully booked out. Every student can book up to 4 weeks in advance. 

Any missed lessons CAN’T be made up due to a limited number of available booking slots. Please cancel or reschedule your lesson 8 hours before the start time. This is to ensure another student gets an opportunity to book a lesson in your place.

You can book as many lessons as you have purchased. If you would like to book additional lessons, please purchase more lesson hours, then use the booking system. The number of lessons booked should NOT significantly exceed the number of hours purchased. Extra lessons will be canceled to give other students a chance to book.

We encourage all students to book at least 1 or 2, but no more than four weekly lessons. 

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