Introducing Prof Phy

Pronounced · Fi

An adaptive AI Physics problem solver that is more accurate and cheaper than GPT. 

Meet Professor Phy

pronounced · Fi

An AI mentor. Learn at your own pace. With step by step instructions, practice, and feedback. 

Education is not a cookie cutter template. One size does not fit all.

Education is severely limited by teachers, resources, and curriculums. Schools don’t care if your are a slow learner or fast. Tutoring is costly and sometimes ineffective. So we built PHY to accelerate your learning on your terms.

Phy will be the primary tool used in modern day education. And we’re excited for you to try it. It’s fully integrated into nerd-notes’ Physics ecosystem. Say good bye to textbooks and hello to Phy. 

# Self paced learning

# personalized teaching

# free, unlimited practice and feedback

# Education for all

Introducing the most elite
Physics instructor

like studying with a tutor — but better in every way possible

Learn on your terms. Supercharge your education.

next gen powerful audio and visual recognition capabilities

Unlimited asks and unlimited answers 24/7 — for free

grades written responses with useful feedback and solutions

constantly analyzes and adapts to your learning level

Working with Phy...

is better than any tutor or teacher.  

Clear Objectives

Phy understands your goals and will offer you suggestions to keep you on the best course of action!

Fully Conversational

Simply talk to Phy like you would talk to any other teacher. Responses are text based with support for audio coming soon.

Deeply Integrated

Phy will grade your FRQs and walk you through MCQs, and saves your grades. It's fully integrated with nerd-notes UBQ.

Exceptional Memory

Phy will retain everything you have learned. From things you missed on an FRQ to notes you took while reading a speed review — Phy will remember for you.

Incredibly Analytical

Phy analyzes responses for misconceptions. It will then tell you exactly what you must work on to excel, quickly.

Knows What You Don't

Using powerful analytics Phy can determine the topics, problems, and concepts you need to practice before your test.

Captivating Presentations

Visual learning is a big part of understanding. So Phy teaches using both audio, text and drawings. (Coming Soon)

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Tried and proven learning framework supercharged with new tools like Phy. 

Hey Phy,

Why is the answer (a) and not (b)? Break down step 4 of the problem. What concepts are used in this FRQ? Teach me kinematics 30 minutes or less Help me study for my momentum test Visually explain how terminal velocity works What an easy way to understand oscillations I'm having trouble with force body diagrams  Help me get a 5 on my AP Exam

Trained on 5k+ hours of real tutoring

Phy doesn’t just know Physics. It knows how to teach Physics.

Benefits of a private education

For  a fraction of the cost

Available to scholars globally

Nerd Notes

Discover the world's best Physics resources

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