Congrats. You found Phy’s secret update log!

I’ll do my best to track all the changes I’m making to Phy on this page. You can follow me on X for quicker updates.

Please note I’m currently the only person building Phy. Updates might seem slow to come. But they will definitely be coming!


3.28.24 – Beta 8.1

  • Fixed UI “glitches” for first time users.
  • Added 15 second popup ads to help support growing costs.
  • More UI changes to interface. Now clearly displays user’s current plan.

3.20.24 – Beta 8

  • Biggest Phy Upgrade Yet!
  • Smoother UI animations overall.
  • Popup for images. Now you can simply click on an image to enlarge it and view details.
  • Word limiter – Phy can now take up to 300 words per message for Pro users and 100 words for regular users.
  • Multiple image support – Pro Users can upload up-to 3 images at once vs 1 image for free users.
  • Total images – free users can upload their first 25 for 100% free. Pro users can upload unlimited images.
  • Pro Users get access to newest version Phy Pro LLM, trained on Physics, Math, and Science Datasets, out performing GPT-3.5 and 4 (in some cases).
  • Better UI for Smart Action Buttons
  • Unlock Phy Pro – You can now pay to access the latest version of Phy (50% faster, and 75% more accurate + 20 new features). It’s only $2.99. Education for the price of coffee!
  • Smooth 1-click checkout experience for uninterrupted learning.
  • Easy subscription management on student dashboard.
  • Thank you to everyone who has already purchased a subscription!

3.10.24 – Beta 7.1

  • Added smart actions! Now you can quickly select follow-up responses without having to type anything. Just click and hit send.
  • For example, click “Generate” to generate similar questions to the one you just solved.
  • Bonus: “New-Question.” This smart action lets Phy know if you are ready to move on to the next question, speeding up responses by 50%.
  • More UI interface tweaks. Equations are now properly spaced.
  • Optimized mobile typing to mimics a true-app like experience. Working towards building a PWA (progressive web application).

3.2.24 – Beta 7

  • Completely re-built Phy processing system from the ground up.
  • Re-trained Phy to be more accurate for more advanced Physics, Engineering, and Math problems.
  • Faster replies and 80% reduced hallucinations.
  • Used to take ~35 seconds on avg. for a full response. Now takes ~20 seconds.
  • Image recognition is now ~15% percent faster and 50% more accurate. Can read even “terrible” handwriting.
  • Upgraded context input. Phy can now remember even more. Note the “adaptive learning” is an alpha feature and not yet available for the general public.
  • Upgraded math rendering for cleaner, more consistent output. Fixed most “random” math symbols showing up in text
  • Removed “grading” functions on UBQ questions. Replaced with a simpler “chat” model to simply talk to Phy.

2.18.24 – Beta 6.3

  • Bug fixes on front end chat UI. More consistnent and look and feel across all devices.
  • Smoother animations.
  • Phy boots up faster now.
  • Under the hood optimization for Beta 7 upgrades.
  • Stats update. Over 1000 students have used Phy. On average 75 students use Phy daily. 2000 images uploaded. 25,000 total chats with Phy. Growing 25% week over week.

2.12.24 – Beta 6.2

  • Analytics are finally here! View number of total users, messages sent, images processed, and costs that I’ve completely covered (while Phy runs 100% for free in Beta).
  • User and global stats are now shown on the front home page for full transparency.
  • Note that I plan of aggregating more stats in the future. Building beta 7, however, takes precedence.

1.22.24 – Beta 6.1

  • Minor Fixes on front end. Phy should now respond slighly faster.
  • Amazing feed back from image integration.
  • Added the ability to “snap” pictures directly from smart phone.
  • Small tweaks to the UI to improve functionality

1.09.24 Beta 5 – 5.7

  • First new year updgrades. Faster and more accurate overall.
  • By popular demand, have included and image uploader for ALL beta users (limited to images < 5 MB) This might get expensive quickly. But am interested in your feedback.
  • Build image recognition engine. Phy uses this to understand images in < 30 seconds. I expect this number to drop significantly over the months.

12.25.23 – Beta 4

  • First public beta for Phy. 🎉🎉 Thank you to all our alpha testers for feedback.
  • Phy is fully trained on ~5000 hours of live Physics tutoring. Re-training on a larger data set is on the future to-do list.
  • Accuracy ~85%. Improving by ~10% every beta release. Excepted to be < 1% wrong by end of ’24.

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