Physics Mastermind by Jason Kuma

Students! Do you want to ace your Physics class?

We make Physics so simple you could teach it to an 8th grader! Nerd-Notes offers top-of-the-line tutoring packages to help you become an A+ Physics student.

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Learn any level of Physics quickly

Score a 5 on the AP Physics 1 exam

Stand out on your college application!

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Jason Kuma


Meet Your Instructor!

Physics is hard, I get it! But what if I told you it doesn’t have to be? It’s my job to help you
(1) quickly understand concepts in the simplest way possible
(2) achieve higher Physics test scores
(3) and show you how fun Physics can really be!

Hi there! My name is Jason and I’ve helped over 100+ students excel in Physics quickly. The results speak for themselves. My teaching style is different.  No notes and no memorization. Physics is purely advanced problem solving. So I help you build pragmatic logic skills. No B.S and straight to the point lessons. 

I encourage you to do work outside of our lessons. It will take time and patience, BUT you will end up with the highest grade Physics grade, boost your overall confidence, and stand out to colleges, unlike many others! Your problem solving skills will be strengthened and you will become sharper.

Book a lesson with me and let’s discuss the best course of action you. You will leave with no less that 100% satisfaction or you get can your full money back. I hope to see you soon! 

Program 1 - Beginner Physics

Group Lessons

Learn Physics in 3 Weeks Challenge!

From our experience, students that study Physics before taking their high school or college course do 90% better than students that don't.

✅ The quickest way to start learning Physics
✅ Prepare for your high school Physics class (Regular or AP Physics)
✅ An engaging and fun approach to problem-solving with the top-tier Physics instructor. 

Program 2 - Learn AP Physics

Private Lessons

Prep for high school Physics!

AP Physics is the most challenging subject, but this program helps you to get ahead and stay ahead!

✅ Your one-stop to learning AP Physics 1 
✅ THE most effective way to prepare ahead of time. An easy way to ACE future Physics tests and quizzes.
✅ Taught by a top-tier Physics teacher who has taught 200+ students!

Program 3 - AP Physics EXAM

Private Lessons

8 Weeks for a 5 on the AP Physics Exam!

Want to get a 5 on the AP Physics 1 or C exam? Don't know where to start? Or want elite tips and ticks?

This program will prepare you for the AP Physics 1 Exam. Maximize your score with top-notch instruction and resources. Practice 5 real exams, real FRQs, 100 questions per topic, and much more with a specialized instructor. 

Program 4 - Private Tutoring

Private Lessons

Elite Tutoring

Having trouble with understanding Physics? Don't know where to start? Or starting from scratch? Physics is hard, I get it! But I'm here to tell you that Physics isn't that difficult if you have the right resources and guidance.

✅ 1-to-1 personalized instruction
✅ For all levels of Physics
✅ Help with homework, test prep, finals, and midterm prep.
✅ Custom learning plan to maximize grades
✅ Study guides, formula sheets, and extra resources for practice.

Ready to be the smartest Physics student in your class?

Here are our top-selling programs. Not sure? Book a free lesson with me!

Best Seller!

Elite Tutoring

1-to-1 Private Lessons. For Physics homework, test prep, finals etc.


per lesson

*10% off limited time offer

Group Lessons

Beginner Physics

Learn Physics from scratch in just 3 weeks!


per student

Key benefits of Program

1 to 1 Lessons

Learn AP Physics

Prep, ahead of time, for your high school Physics class.


per student

Key benefits of Program

1 to 1 Lessons

AP Physics Exam

Prep to ace the AP Physics 1 / C exam in 8 weeks!


per student

Key benefits of Program

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