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Jason Kuma
Jason Kuma

Writer | Coach | USC - Physics B.S & Business B.A. | Fremont, CA

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Welcome aboard. We’re on a mission to accelerate learning — at a ridiculous pace.

2/26/24 – Funding Education

Hi there! This is Jason, the creator of and Prof Phy AI.

You might be curious about the $$ statistic.

If you haven’t see it — as of April 2024, has funded over $15,000 in free learning resources.

This funding covers the extensive computational costs of running and training Phy, allowing students worldwide to access quality, personalized education for free.

If you’ve used Phy, I hope you find it useful. It’s a learning tool, far from perfect, but one that will get a lot better, faster, and smarter in the next few month.

A few stats for those interested (Updated April 2024):

  • Phy answers ~1500 questions daily
  • Over 7000 users
  • Over 13k images have been uploaded

I’m blown away by the level of feedback and users Phy has gotten in a short amount of time.

Everyday, 20-30 new people sign up to use Phy.

I’m thrilled about the future and truly grateful to have you with us!

Stay tuned for more updates, including Phy Beta 7. This upcoming version will enhance Phy’s capabilities, making learning faster and easier via Smart Actions and the Phy Panel.

APRIL 2024 Update. Over 1000 messages are being sent in daily to Phy.

This is causing significant server and cost stain, so I’ve temporarily started limiting the free tier to just 20 message.

In the mean time you can upgrade to Phy Pro for half the cost of Chat GPT and almost double the accuracy.

I’m working hard to significantly reduce costs to continue the unlimited free tier.

Jason Kuma
Jason Kuma

Writer | Coach | USC - Physics B.S & Business B.A. | Fremont, CA

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Units in AP Physics 1

Unit 1 – Linear Kinematics

Unit 2 – Linear Forces

Unit 3 – Circular Motion

Unit 4 – Energy 

Unit 5 – Momentum 

Unit 6 – Torque 

Unit 7 – Oscillations 

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